Tips and Tricks for College Applications

Hi, my name is Dyllen Nellis! I am an artist, performer, and college application mentor studying at Stanford University. I provide college application advice on my YouTube channel with the goal to increase accessibility around the college app process for students of all social-economic backgrounds!

My Story:

When I applied to college, I initially felt lost and lacking in resources. Although the college office at my school was a great help in terms of how to fill out the general application, they didn't really teach me how to write college essays, strategize, or organize my college applications in a way that would tell a cohesive and unique story. So the internet, YouTube, and books became my biggest tool!

I did immense research and learned a lot of valuable information about the college application process. And my work paid off! I was admitted into every school I applied to, including Stanford, USC, UCLA, UCSD, NYU, and more. Now, my goal is to make the application process more accessible to students.

My Resources:

All of my college application resources can be found at:!

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